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Clinical Services


Comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, educational services are provided to the hearing & speech impaired. An inter–disciplinary team of audiologists, speech language pathologists, special educators, psychologists, social workers, ENT specialist, pediatrician and neurologist maintain high standard of rehabilitation services like:

Following list provides different Clinical Services

  • Assessment
  • Audiometry (Pure Tone/Immittance/Speech/BOA)
  • Hearing Aid Trial
  • Selection and fitting of hearing aids and ear molds
  • Hearing Aid Accessories ,Servicing & Repairs
  • Speech & Language Evaluation
  • Medical consultation and guidance
  • Therapy
    • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Cochlear Implant Services
  • Socio Economic & Rehabilitation
    • Assesment of vocational needs,family background,Educational background,Risk taking abilities.
    • Assesment of intrest,apptitude,experience and inclination.
    • Family and individual centric Vocational guidance
    • Vocational counseling, training and placement
    • Guidance to individual clients,parents,siblings and other family members
    • Help in preparation of projects for self employment
  • Psychological evaluation and counseling behaviour therapy and play therapy
  • Referral and follow up services
  • Awareness programs for different target groups
  • Indian Sign Language Interpreter Services
  • Genetic Counselling


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